We are on a mission to help make running a small business cheaper, easier and less stressful.

Setting up or running a small business is fraught with risk. There are risks you can’t control; two inches of snow, tube strikes, Donald Trump/nuclear war; but there are plenty you can and it’s our mission to help reduce these risks so you can spend your time and energy on building your business.

As a employer, you are required by law to have certain HR policies in place but many small businesses don’t because business owners assume that the policies will be expensive to procure or don’t know where to procure them from. Other business owners will purchase template policies from the Internet which soon become out-of-date as employment law changes very quickly or pay expensive employment lawyers or HR consultants to prepare ‘bespoke’ HR policies, which also soon become outdated.

With NimbleHR you can significantly reduce the risks to your business of an employment related dispute because we keep all of your policies up-to-date for you. Because we only need one lawyer to manage and update our policies, we can save each of our customers £000’s each year.

Our story

NimbleHR was founded by Richard Lee, a qualified lawyer in 2017. Richard had established his own legal business Atypical Law, which had the aim of introducing high quality, low-cost legal support to the small business sector.

Employment law is complex, intimidating and constantly changing. Most small businesses don’t have a designated HR professional and many don’t even have employment contracts, let alone up-to-date policies or are employee handbook. Standard ‘off the shelf’ staff handbooks soon become out of date, exposing the business to the risk of a dispute and in breach of statutory requirements.

NimbleHR was established to help small business owners and managers reduce this risk and allow them to establish a clear and solid legal framework for their business in an affordable way. As flexible working arrangements are becoming more common, teams are becoming increasingly dispersed so having all of your employment policies and procedures available in the cloud is a real advantage. As NimbleHR will always keep your Employee Handbook up-to-date, you can be confident that all of your team will only ever have the most up-to-date HR Policies and Procedures at their fingertips.

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